Woodlands / Second College Grant

Read about a Dartmouth-led study of carbon stock in New Hampshire forests that was conducted at the Second College Grant.

The Woodlands Office is responsible for sustainably managing several of Dartmouth's woodland properties in northern New England. 

The Second College Grant

Dartmouth's most visited woodland is a 27,000 acre parcel called the Second College Grant or "the Grant", given to the College by the State of New Hampshire in 1807. Characterized by a remote wilderness aesthetic, a diversity of habitat, and pristine waters, the Grant is located in the Northern Forest region of New Hampshire, near Errol, New Hampshire and the Maine state line.

The Grant has long been recognized as a model forest; one which balances wilderness recreation, timber harvesting that provides revenue for student scholarship, and a sustainably managed forest that supports education and research at Dartmouth and other institutions across the northern United States.

Overall management at the Grant is governed by the Grant Management Committee, which has created a Master Plan for the Grant. There is also a Forest Management Plan specifically for the management of timber harvesting. The Grant has received Green Tag Certification, and is a member of the American Tree Farm System.

Clement Woodlot

This 509 acre woodland, located in Corinth, Vermont, has an active forest management plan and is under conservation easement.


The Outdoor Programs Office, within the Dean of the College Division, is responsible for overseeing the cabins and recreational uses on the Grant.