Engineering & Utilities

The Engineering and Utilities team provides a variety of services to the College:

  • Conducts technical and operational reviews of campus MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) systems and campus utility systems (electrical, steam, hot water, chilled water, water, sewer, and stormwater);

  • Manages Dartmouth's Power Plant;

  • Oversees design of all campus MEP and utility system renovations and new construction;

  • Manages campus energy, including procurement of campus utilities (electricity and fuels), energy efficiency project planning, and utility metering and billing for campus facilities;

  • Develops strategic plans for campus MEP and utility system renovations and renewal, including plans to meet the campus’ Sustainable Energy Goals; and

  • Develops and maintains campus guidelines for MEP and utility system design and construction and High Performance Building Energy Policy.

Power Plant

Dartmouth's power plant was originally built in 1898 to meet the College's heating needs and serves over 100 campus buildings with low pressure (20 psig) steam. Utilizing back pressure steam turbines, the heating plant also co-generates about 20 percent of the campus’ electricity.  

Due to COVID-19, tours are not currently being conducted of the Power Plant. However, you can have a virtual tour of the Plant via the following Youtube video.

Utility Systems

The Dartmouth College campus has district steam, hot water, electric, chilled water, and water utility systems. Click here for more information.

Sustainable Energy Program

Our engineering team is involved in every campus new construction and renovation project to design and install energy efficient systems. See the results of efforts to reduce operating costs and campus greenhouse gases.

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