Work Order Status Codes

Status codes define the status of a service request or work order.


The service request has been received for review and processing. If the information is complete and no clarifications are required and it is not a request for an estimate, your request will be converted into a work order.

Waiting on customer

The service request requires further evaluation or information from the customer prior to creating a work order.


Work Control has received the request, has reviewed it for accuracy, and has processed it to the appropriate Trade Shop for assignment.

Estimate costs

The service request specifically asked for an estimate prior to performing the work. FO&M has received the request and an estimate is being prepared.

Obtain approval for estimates

Estimate has been given to the customer and is waiting for their approval.


Customer has approved the estimate.


Supervisor has assigned the work order to an internal tradesperson.

In progress

Technician has received work order and is processing accordingly.

On hold

Work Request Definition: The work request, after previously being approved, has been put on hold for a specific reason. This could be at the requestor’s direction or at the direction of FO&M. The reason for a particular work order being placed on hold will be communicated with the requestor.

Temporary fix

Fixed temporarily and further action required to resolve.

Work completed

The employee performing the work has reported to the supervisor that the work is complete. If the status is complete and the requestor does not believe the work is complete, please contact the Work Control Center or shop supervisor.

Administratively completed

Supervisor has reviewed the completed work order and no further action is required. Please note that material and labor charges can still occur after the work order is closed. This is because the labor and material postings lag behind the closing of the work order.


The requestor has decided to cancel the service request or work order. A confirmation email is sent to confirm this status to the requestor.

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