Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center (DBIC) PHASE 1A Quick-Guide

During Phase 1A, the DBIC will offer COVID-19 training, MRI safety training, and MRI scan operator training. Research groups may conduct methods development and phantom testing. Human subjects research is not allowed at this time, nor may any human be in the scan bore for any reason.

Scheduling: Researchers will schedule scan slots through email requests to Courtney Rogers. The DBIC will require a complete list of personnel attending a scan slot. Any changes to that list need to be submitted and approved by Courtney Rogers to ensure proper screening and training are in place. DBIC hours are Monday-Friday only, from 8am-6pm. Terry Sackett will be available from 8am-4pm. Anyone reserving slots after 4pm must have a COVID-19 trained scan operator, and all additional staff must also be, at a minimum, scan buddy and COVID-19 trained.
DBIC application: All research groups will be required to submit a Phase 1A DBIC application prior to initiating research activities in the DBIC. Completed applications should be sent to Courtney Rogers for review.
Scan slots: The DBIC will require a 30-minute gap between changes in research groups or research personnel.
Health Screening: All research personnel must complete Dartmouth’s Temperature Self-Assessment and DBIC Health Screening forms before entering the Center. Failure to complete either form will result in denial of entry to the Center.
Training: Before investigators and research personnel are allowed to work in the Center, they must first schedule and complete an in-person COVID-19 safety training session. Trainings must be scheduled with Courtney Rogers. The instructor will be Terry Sackett.
Social Distance: During Phase 1A, a maximum of three people will be allowed in the Center. Research personnel must be distanced 6 feet apart in the MRI control area. 
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The DBIC requires all research personnel and DBIC staff to wear a face covering during their time in the Center. During the disinfection process, the DBIC will also require research personnel and DBIC staff to wear gloves. Research personnel and DBIC staff are allowed to wear their own face coverings if they prefer, however, the DBIC will supply disposable masks for those who need one.
Disinfecting: Typically, Terry Sackett will disinfect the MRI suite when he is present. Lab personnel will disinfect the MRI suite when Terry is not present, or when asked by Terry. All surfaces, all door handles, chairs, and light switches in both control room, waiting areas, and scan suite will be cleaned according to DBIC’s cleaning and disinfecting guidelines, and will be given the adequate drying time. All required items (such as PPE, sanitizer, and disinfectant) will be supplied by the DBIC. 


  • Human subjects research is strictly prohibited during Phase 1A
  • No one should enter the DBIC without scheduling time with Courtney Rogers
  • Prior to entering the DBIC, staff and research personnel must complete Dartmouth’s health screening and the DBIC’s health screening forms
  • All research personnel are required to complete COVID-19 training
  • Proper PPE is required at all times while in the DBIC
  • Proper PPE (masks and gloves) are required during the disinfection process