DBIC Protocol

Prior to starting a new scanning study in the DBIC, please submit a DBIC application, along with the following documents, to Courtney.Rogers@Dartmouth.EDU:

  • CPHS Protocol
  • CPHS stamped-approved consent form
  • Supplemental design of your research study


  • Your protocol should list all research personnel who will be involved in any capacity on your scanning protocol.
  • All research personnel must have completed IRB education, safety training, COVID-19 training,  and be included on your CPHS protocol.
  • During Phase 1B, all CPHS protocols will need to have a modification submitted to the CPHS for permission to conduct research during Phase 1B.
  • Protocol requests submitted with incomplete information will not be reviewed until complete.

If you have questions about submitting a protocol application, Courtney Rogers is happy to meet with you via Zoom.

Phase 1A non-human subjects DBIC protocol application

Phase 1B human subjects DBIC protocol application