Cancellation policy

Given the heavy demand for time on the fMRI scanner, the DBIC cancellation policy asks for researchers to release any unscheduled scan slots as far in advance as possible, but not later than 48 hours in advance. For example, if a researcher needs to release a scan time scheduled any time on Wednesday, we would ask that the time be released on Monday. We ask that you release the time to the day, not to the exact hour. When in doubt, please  email

To minimize cancellations, the DBIC requests that researchers administer the DBIC metal screener to research participants well in advance of their scheduled scan. Researchers might also consider sending participants the DBIC informational sheet, which lists common things participants might not immediately consider to be an issue (e.g.non-removable piercings, certain hair and skin products, etc). Finally, the DBIC also strongly suggests that participants are sent an initial confirmation email, a reminder the week before they are scheduled to participate, and a final reminder the day before their scan.

How to cancel scan time:

  • Scan time that is being released more than 48 hours  in advance should be done so by emailing Courtney.Rogers@Dartmouth.EDU.
  • Scan time that is being released 48 hours or less in advance should be done so by emailing

When scan time is released to the mrusers mailing list, time can be picked up by other labs on a first come, first served basis. Please reply all when claiming scan time released to mrusers.