DBIC parking

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Non-Dartmouth research participant parking

The DBIC has a dedicated parking spot located behind Moore Hall, restricted only to use by non-Dartmouth research participants. The parking spot is on the right-hand side as you pull into the parking lot.

If you have a non-Dartmouth participant who would like to use the parking spot for their visit, please email Courtney.Rogers@dartmouth.edu for review/approval before your participant arrives. Please provide the following information:

  • date/time of visit
  • vehicle make/license plate

Dartmouth-affiliated participant parking

Use of the DBIC parking space by the Dartmouth-affiliated research participants, as well as vendors is prohibited, and Safety & Security will ticket unauthorized vehicles.

During normal business hours Dartmouth-affiliated participants who have a Dartmouth-issued parking pass should plan to park in a campus parking lot. If there isn't a lot nearby in which their pass allows them to park, or there is not available parking, they could use any available visitor parking space (payable through ParkMobile). If your participant parks in (for example), the Maynard Lot, but doesn't have a parking pass, it is each research group's responsibility to email Transportation Services (transportation.services@dartmouth.edu) using this email template.

Please email Courtney.Rogers@dartmouth.edu with any questions you might have about parking at the DBIC.

Unauthorized vehicle parking

If you have reserved use of the DBIC parking spot with Courtney Rogers, but find there is someone parked in the spot, please do as follows. Please note that removing a vehicle may take some time; if the spot is occupied, advise your participant to use ParkMobile parking in front of Moore or across the street in the Maynard Lot.

  • Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm: please send an email to Transportation.Services@dartmouth.edu and provide them with the date/time/make/model/license plate # of the unauthorized vehicle. Please cc Courtney Rogers on this email.
  • Monday-Friday (after 4pm) and all day Saturday/Sunday: please call Safety and Security (603-646-4000) and provide them with the make/model/license plate # of the unauthorized vehicle.