Sequences available for use in the DBIC are: BOLD, Diffusion, Spectroscopy, and multiple anatomical sequences (T1, T2, T2-flair)

The standard gradient and spin echo-based echo planer imaging sequences are available for BOLD (ep2d_bold) and Diffusion (ep2d_diff) imaging.

The following sequences - csi_se, csi_slassar, csi_se, and the custom-installed "mega press" - are available for Spectroscopy.

Also available are the standard T1 weighted (mprage), q-space diffusion weighted (qDWI), and field-mapping sequences.

All of these sequences are customizable (e.g. adjusting T1/T2, slice thickness, turning on/off filters) to meet each researchers' needs and preferences.

In addition to the above sequences, we have also installed modified versions of the native BOLD and Diffusion sequences by CMRR at the University of Minnesota. These modified versions provide extended flexibilities to customize the protocols. The cmrr_mbep2d_bold is used to acquire multi-echo images for multi-echo fMRI.

  • cmrr_mbep2d_bold
  • cmrr_mbep2d_diff
  • cmrr_mbep2d_se

You can learn more about these sequences here:

* Please note that both native (Siemens BOLD and Diffusion) sequences, as well as the cmrr versions, are capable of acquiring simultanous slices (SMS/MB).

Sequence Settings