Scanning rates

Scanner time is compiled from the DBIC logbook and charged on a monthly basis. The DBIC Associate Director for Operations (Courtney Rogers) sends e-mail invoices per DBIC number (to the PI or project research staff) at the beginning of each month containing dates/billing record/accession number/# of hours/rate/session cost. All users must verify that the information is correct and send a request for changes by the date indicated in the email. If Courtney Rogers has not heard back from a researcher by the designated date, the charges will be considered correct and the account will be charged by the end of the month.

Rates for scanning effective July 1, 2021 for internally funded (e.g. Dartmouth-administered GL/PTAEO) studies will be:

Peak scanning cost

8:00am-4:00pm weekdays (Monday-Friday) - $500/hour 
4:00pm to midnight weekdays (Monday-Friday) - $400/hour

Off-peak scanning cost

Midnight-8:00am weekdays (Monday-Sunday) - $400/hour 
All day weekends (Saturday/Sunday - $400/hour

External scanning cost

Externally funded (e.g., non-Dartmouth funding) studies are billed at a rate of $700/hour.

Questions about scanning in the DBIC should be directed to Courtney Rogers (