Scanning rates

DBIC billing

Scan time is recorded in the DBIC logbook and billed on a monthly basis. The DBIC Associate Director for Operations (Courtney Rogers) sends e-mail invoices for each DBIC protocol number (to the PI or designee) at the beginning of each month for scan conducted in the previous month. The invoices list: scan dates, billing record, accession numbers, number of hours per scan, funding source, and the session cost for each scan. The PI (or designee) is responsible for reviewing the invoices and  must review and verify that the information is accurate. If not, a request for changes must be received by the date indicated in the billing email. If Courtney Rogers does not hear back by the designated date, the invoice information will be considered accurate and the account will be charged.

Internal funding (e.g. Dartmouth-administered GL/PTAEO chart string) studies will be:

Rates for scanning effective July 1, 2021

Peak rate

Days Timeframe Hourly rate
Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm $500.00

Off-peak rate

Days Timeframe Hourly rate
Monday-Friday after 4:00pm $400.00
Saturday/Sunday all day $400.00


External funding (e.g., non-Dartmouth funding source)

Externally funded studies are billed at a rate of $700.00 per hour.

Questions about scanning in the DBIC should be directed to Courtney Rogers (