MRI Safety Training

Before being permitted to work in the fMRI environment, the DBIC requires research personnel to complete a safety training course conducted by Terry Sackett, as well as complete an online safety training module. The purpose of our safety training protocol is to provide research personnel with rigorous information on how to safely conduct themselves in the scanning environment. At the end of the training session, research personnel will be allowed to be in the control room with a certified scan operator. The DBIC requires that two researchers (at least one certified scan operator and a safety-trained assistant) are in the control room at all times.

Trainees will be expected to know and follow all best practice safety procedures, including how to thoroughly and properly safety screen participants, operate the metal detector, operate the airlock door to the MRI suite, and importantly, be competent in their knowledge of emergency practices and procedures.

To schedule a safety training class:

  • Research personnel must complete the Dartmouth Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects education requirement. The DBIC requires research personnel to complete the CITI Online Tutorial found here. Researchers will need to complete the Group 2 Social/Behavioral Basic Course.
  • Once CITI training has been completed, please email your certificate of completion to Courtney Rogers (, and sign up for a safety training course.

Please review the DBIC calendar before requesting to sign up for a safety training course. We have training sessions scheduled approximately twice per month, and can accommodate trainings outside these times on an as needed basis. Trainings can be offered Monday-Friday, starting at 8am, ending by 4pm.

For access to the DBIC calendar, please email