Scan operator training

The DBIC trains research faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and full-time research staff to operate the scanner without an MRI technician being present. Anyone who wishes to become an independent scan operator must first complete MRI safety training, as well as 20 hours of hands-on scan buddy time.

In order for research personnel to be certified as independent scan operators, they must prove competency in administering and following all MRI safety and scanning procedures, including how to thoroughly screen subjects for MRI safety; demonstrate accurate use and operation of the metal detector; demonstrate proper operation of the air-locked door to the MRI suit; and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the DBIC's emergency procedures. Additionally, those wishing to become certified scan operators must know and show competence in positioning and placing a subject in the scanner bore; ensuring proper deployment of hearing protection (e.g. ear plugs/ear buds); independent use  and set up of stimulus presentation and response devices; accurate registration of research participants into the Redcap database; thorough and accurate entry of data into the scanner database; ability to select and execute a scan protocol, including how to verify completion of data transfer to the server post-scan; and knowledge of how to power the MRI system on and off.

Scan operators will be expected to know and follow all DBIC safety policies and procedures at all times, and are also responsible for following all DBIC housekeeping policies to maintain the health and safety of our participants and equipment.

For more information on becoming a certified scan operator, please contact