Public datasets hosted by DBIC

Recently, the world-wide neuroscience community has experienced a rise in data sharing efforts aimed at increasing transparency and reproducibility of experimental findings.  As a result, many collated and annotated functional imaging datasets have become publicly available. Access to such resources provides investigators and students a great opportunity to explore and test models of brain function and cognition. However, many datasets are very large and can be challenging for individuals to access. To facilitate easy access and promote the use of publicly available data resources at DBIC, we host several datasets on the Dartmouth Research Computing file system where they are readily available to DBIC users for analyzing on the Discovery cluster.

List of hosted datasets


Dartmouth brain imaging Center (DBIC) QA dataset

The Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center's QA data, converted to BIDS standard, can be accessed using the DataLad file-sharing and data-versioning utility (see:

Path to DBIC QA data on Rolando: /inbox/BIDS/dbic/QA

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Narratives dataset

The Narratives Dataset is a large collection of fMRI studies in natural language processing conducted at Princeton Neuroscience Institute by the labs of Professors Ken Norman and Uri Hasson and procured by DBIC alumnus Dr. Sam Nastase. The dataset consists of normalized 3T fMRI data collected while subjects (345 individuals) listened to various spoken word narratives with 28 unique stories and over 800 scanning sessions. This dataset is a benchmark for testing models of language processing and language comprehension.

Path to the Narratives dataset on Discovery: /dartfs/rc/lab/D/DBIC/DBIC/archive/narratives

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The Natural Scenes Dataset (NSD) is a large ultra-high-field 7T fMRI dataset conducted by the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research at the University of Minnesota. It consists of high-resolution fMRI data collected from 8 adult subjects while they viewed thousands of images of natural scenes. Each subject was scanned multiple times with 30 to 40 sessions per subject. The NSD dataset is an excellent resource for testing models of visual representation and cognition.  

Path to the NSD on Discovery: /dartfs/rc/lab/D/DBIC/DBIC/archive/NSD.

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The Human connectome project

The Human Connectome Project  (HCP) is a massive collaborative undertaking led by PIs Dr. David Van Essen of Washington University and Dr. Kamil Ugurbil of the University of Minnesota. The DBIC currently hosts the HCP 1200 Young Adult dataset which contains resting state fMRI data from over 1100 healthy adults ages 22-35. 

Path to HCP dataset on Discovery: /dartfs/rc/lab/D/DBIC/DBIC/archive/HCP/HCP1200

Information about the directory structure and file names can be found HERE.

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