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Planner Guide

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Students create and save academic plans in the DartWorks Planner. Students can create plans for a variety of purposes such as completion of a major or minor, preparation for graduate school, fulfillment of general education requirements, or the culmination of their entire Dartmouth career. Plans are easy to update and rearrange as goals change while students explore various academic opportunities.


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List of Plans Student Planner
List of Plans Student Planner


DartWorks Planner FAQs


What is DartWorks and how do the different parts work together?

DartWorks is an interconnected online system composed of three parts: DartWorks Degree Audit, DartWorks Planner, and DartWorks Dashboard. See DartWorks Overview for more information.


Where do I access my DartWorks Planner?

Log into DartWorks from your Undergraduate Student Main Menu on DartHub. This brings you to your personalized degree audit that shows your progress towards your degree. Click on the "Plan" tab to access the DartWorks Planner


What is the process to declare a major or minor?

See the How to Declare a Major or Minor guide for details.


Can I update a plan for a declared major or minor?

Yes, to update a declared major or minor, begin in the DartWorks Planner, and either create a new plan or modify a current one. To modify a locked plan, create a copy of the plan using “save as,” and make your modifications. Next, from the DartWorks Dashboard, click on the major or minor you wish to update, then on “Update Plan.” From here, you can attach your new academic plan created from the DartWorks Planner and submit the updated declaration request.


Can I print my plan?

Yes, click on “PRINT” in the top right of the "Student Educational Planner" menu bar.


What does the error message, “the institution does not offer the course,” mean?

The Planner displays this error message when the course information entered is not valid. To ensure that you have entered the correct course subject and number, use the search option or course list on the right. If you still cannot find the course you seek, select “non-validated course” from the add course icon and enter the course information in the “value” textbox. 


How do I get assistance or provide feedback?

For assistance with the creation of an academic plan contact your faculty advisor.

Email all other questions and feedback to Include DartWorks in the subject line, so that we can gather the information more readily.

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Last Updated: 8/17/20