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Online Grade Guide: Entering Grades and Citations Using Banner

For our text instructions, click here.

Step 1: Access Banner and click on Faculty and Advisor Main Menu

 BannerStudent Main Menu

Step 2: Click on Term Selection to select the proper term

Term Selection

Step 3: Select the proper term

 Select the proper term the click submit

Step 4: Select Final Grades from Main Menu

grades menu item

Step 5: Select the CRN

select crn

Step 6: Enter grades

Selecting a grade with an * will allow you to include a citation. After submitting the grades, you will be able to enter the citations. Please also note that names of graduating seniors will be highlighted.

enter grades

submit grades

Step 7: Enter Citations

To enter a citation, click the link at the bottom of the page.

citation link

Select the radio button next to the name of the student for whom you wish to enter a citation, the click submit to save.

enter citation

Other useful links at bottom of page:

In addition to Citations, the menu bar at the bottom of the page contains several links which allow you to switch terms (Term Selection), switch to another course or section (CRN Selection), view and enter failure reports, and view a report that confirms what grades have been submitted.

 grades menu bar

Last Updated: 5/24/19