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Banner Instructions

Banner records service

Banner is a web-based module that works in tandem with DartHub to provide faculty with support in their roles as instructors and advisors. The primary service that the Office of the Registrar current offers is on-line final grading and citations.  Banner provides a secure environment for Faculty to submit grades and can be used from any site that has internet access.

Getting started

Go to the Registrar's home page at: Under "Quick Links" select "Banner" and log in using your BlitzMail name and password.  Select the “Dartmouth Faculty and Advisor Main Menu”.  The best browser for viewing is Internet Explorer.

FERPA tutorial

The first time you access Banner we encourage you to complete the FERPA on-line tutorial on the menu, also at  It will give you some background on the law regarding student records privacy. Click on the tutorial and follow directions for completing it. Please contact the Registrar’s Office if you have any questions about FERPA and records privacy.

Faculty and Advisor menu items

Some familiar menu items, such access to the ORC, the Timetable/NRO listing, specialized class rosters, major/minor lists, and course assessment reports are included on the menu along with some new items. We plan to continue to add new items in the future.*

Final grades

Select this option from the menu to enter final grades for students. Each course you are teaching for each term is available from a pull down menu.  Each course section has a “CRN” number and to select another course section, the system will prompt you to “select CRN.” A special note about cross listed courses:  There will be a separate roster for each cross list section where students have registered under that section. 

Select the appropriate grade on the roster to enter for each student from a pull down menu next to each student’s name. Hit SUBMIT often. Faculty have up to 60 minutes each session before they must hit the “submit” button to make certain that the grades entered are saved.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get to the next page if the class is large to ensure that all students in the course have been graded.

If you enter a grade with an asterisk, click on “citation” to enter the citation text for that student.  See “citations” below for more information about entering citations.

During the grading period Faculty may change the grade they submitted online. Faculty can enter some of their grades and save them, and then enter additional grades later. Students cannot yet see them until the grades are "rolled" by the Registrar to the students’ transcripts. The Registrar will notify Faculty each term when grades are to be rolled and made available for student viewing.  Once grades are “rolled” those grades that had been entered can no longer be changed online and the normal grade change procedure may take place if required.  See below for information about Incomplete, Administrative Delay and Ongoing grades.


Faculty may enter citations for students who show “meritorious characteristics.”  Faculty enter a citation by selecting a letter grade followed by an asterisk.  They then select the “citations” link from the bottom of the page and it will bring up a page with a list of those students with asterisked grades.  Select the correct radio button, enter the citation in the text box and submit the citation.  Per the COI, there is a 100 word limit. Once the citation is submitted it can be changed online until the 4th day into the subsequent term.  After that date, grammatical errors can be corrected by contacting the Registrar.  Department/Program chairs may view all citations submitted for their department/program.  Students may also view their citations online.

Failure Reports 

Faculty may enter explanatory text for students who receive a failing grade which is forwarded to the Dean(s) of Undergraduate Students.  Faculty enter failure report text by selecting the grade of “E.”  They then select the “failure report” link from the bottom of the page and it will bring up a page with a list of those students with an “E” grade. There is a 200-word limit and additional information may be send via email to

Grade Confirmation Report

Faculty who successfully submit their grades will receive a new confirmation message that reads "You have successfully submitted your grades to the Registrar."  They may then scroll to the bottom of the page and select the link "Confirmation of Grades Recorded" to view those grades that have been submitted.  This report includes a summary of the number of A's, B's, etc. submitted, and a list of students with their grades.  It also shows whether the grades have been rolled (so that students may view them) at the time the report was printed, and whether the student is scheduled to be graduated at the end of the term (especially important spring term when those grades need to be submitted earlier than others).

This feature was added by request of faculty using the system and we hope faculty find it useful.

Temporary Grades:

Ongoing Grades

Students who complete courses over more than one term receive the grade of “ongoing” (on) at the end of the first term in which they are enrolled. Instructors select the “on” grade to enter from the pull down menu next to each student’s name at the end of the first term. 

Per faculty regulation, students and instructors indicate which term the final grade will be submitted.  A place to indicate the term the final grade is to be submitted is provided on the “permission to enroll card” and is recorded in the Registrar’s Office. More information on temporary transcript designations can be found in the ORC/Catalog.

Incomplete Grades

Students with legitimate issues may request that a Dean approve an Incomplete grade at the end of the term. Incomplete grades will not be available on the pull down grade menu and therefore cannot be entered via Banner.  If you have confirmed with a Dean that you will be granting an Incomplete, leave the student’s grade blank.

Just prior to the rolling of grades the Registrar enters a grade of “I” for all students with approved Incompletes from a list provided by the Deans. This will show up on the student’s transcript and grade report as a temporary grade.  Faculty are not able to view the I grade until it is rolled. Once the student has submitted the final coursework and faculty are ready to assign a final grade, faculty should submit a signed paper copy of the final grade to the Registrar’s office.

Administrative Delays

Occasionally an administrative delay is required (see ORC).  Please contact the Registrar to request an AD if this accommodation is needed.


Please contact the Registrar’s Office at or by phoning 603-646-2246 if you require assistance or have any questions.  If it is a question about accessing Banner or related to your browser, contact You may find that a student appears on your roster who neglected to withdraw, or that you are having technical difficulties.  Please do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to help.

Last Updated: 8/6/19