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Course Election Reference Guide: Students


Instructions for using DartHub

DartHub is a user friendly, secure, web-based service which allows students to:

  • Elect, add and drop courses   
  • View grades
  • View transcripts
  • View the ORC/Catalog and Timetable of Courses
  • Review student records information, such as major, class year
  • Register for physical education courses

Step 1 – Course election :  planning

The week prior to the opening of course election (course election dates are listed on the calendar each term) students review the Public Timetable to plan their courses for the upcoming term.  Students check the list on the Registrar's Office website of courses that may not be elected as NRO or CT/NC, those courses using Banner Prerequisite Checking, and those courses with course priorities.


Step 2 – Course election:  enter course elections

Students log into DartHub. Students go to the student menu and select the Course Election and Registration menu item, select the appropriate term, and use the Registration Timetable to select courses and send those elections to the web registration form.  This form records course CRN selections from the Registration Timetable and also allows students to enter course CRN’s onto an online grid, and then submit them to register. Students may make registration adjustments any time during course election period, until midnight of the last day of the election period. Students elect courses not sections and should submit their "ideal" schedule.

If the student encounters registration errors, s/he may not register for the course. Some registration errors may be overridden by obtaining the appropriate faculty member's approval and their application of the appropriate permission/override to the student's record via the web.  (click here for instructions on seeking permission/overrides)

Students registering for courses that require instructor permission, a prerequisite override, or any other special permission/override must first meet with the instructor and/or the instructor’s proxy, if appropriate, and provide the instructor with their ID number so the instructor may apply the appropriate permission/override to his or her record. Students who have not obtained a permission/override are not registered for the course. After the permission/override has been applied, the student will receive a confirmation email that the permission/override was applied. The student then registers for the course. After submitting their courses, students review their class schedule to ensure they have entered it correctly.


Important – Students register for all courses.  Faculty grant permission only, and do not register students.


Step 3 – Immediately after course election (the week following registration)

The day after the election period ends, the prioritization process is run by the Registrar's Office so that courses with limited enrollment have the appropriate number of students registered for the course based on faculty priorities. Students check their course schedule on DartHub several days later (date published on the Registrar's website) after receiving a notification from the Registrar to determine whether they gained entry into the limited enrollment courses elected. To view their schedule, students go to the "Schedule by Day & Time" or "Schedule Detail" menu items on the Undergraduate Student Menu.


Step 4 – Course changes period before the next term begins

After course election is complete, the system opens again for students to make changes in their course schedule, and course priorities no longer are in effect. Students may register for course sections. This period may be for several days or extend over a longer period (i.e. during the summer) before it closes at the end of the term. The system opens again for add/drop at the start of the next term.

Whenever space becomes available in a course or course section, and the student does not encounter any registration errors, the student may web register for the course until the legislated last day to add. Students check the Timetable for course availability. All courses that have space available have a checkbox next to the course. When checked, the student may register for the course by clicking on the "submit" button.(click here for instructions on adding and dropping lab/discussion courses)

If the letters "IP" meaning "Instructor Permission" appear next to a course in the Timetable, this indicates that the department/program has closed that course. If the student still wishes to try to gain entry into an IP course (or course section), the student may try to obtain the faculty member's approval and have them apply an Instructor Permission Override. 

Reminder: Students who have obtained an override to enter an IP course are not registered for the course. Students must then register for the course  - (click here for instructions on seeking permissions/overrides)


Step 5 – The add/drop period – at the start of the term

At the start of the term students may add and drop courses online and may choose course sections based on availability.  Students should frequently check the Timetable since there are a great deal of adjustments that occur.  Any permissions/overrides that were made on courses during course election are still in effect. (click here for instructions on adding and dropping lab/discussion courses)

Physical Education Registration and time conflicts:  * Important * Students first complete their academic course schedule, then add Physical Education (PE) courses. If a time conflict exists between an x-hour and the PE course, students may confirm with the instructor that the x-hour will not be used, then obtain an override from the PE department for the PE course and register.

Students cannot add an academic course that conflicts with a PE course. If students add a PE course before their academic schedule is complete and then add a course which results in a time conflict, students need to drop the PE course, add the academic course, then follow the above procedure.




FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I access Course Election and Registration?

Students log into DartHub, faculty log into Banner, and select the "Course Election and Registration" menu item. They then select the appropriate term, then use the Course Search button to access the Registration Timetable.

How do I get to DartHub?

Who do I ask about gaining entry into a course where I did not get in during course election?

The Registrar staff does not place a student into a course. Students request permissions/overrides from the appropriate Department/Program. Departments/Programs vary on whether or not a course or course section that shows as Instructor Permission on the Timetable will allow its enrollment to go over the published limit so you need to inquire with the Department/Program.

Do I need to register for a lab or discussion section?

During course election students elect the "course" only. During add/drop students *must* register for both the lecture section of a course and one of the associated laboratory/discussion sections. Otherwise the student will receive a registration error message "Lab section required with this course."

When can I add courses?

Students may add courses during the faculty legislated course election, course changes and add/drop periods only. See term calendars for dates. If you are an entering student, see your orientation schedule for fall term course election, course changes, and add/drop dates and times.

When may I add a specific section?

Students may add a specific section during the course changes and add/drop periods. Students may not elect a specific section during the course election period.

When can I register for a fourth course?

Students may register for a fourth course throughout the add/drop period. They may not elect four courses during the course election or course changes periods. Students may have only 4, 4-course terms. A fourth course may be dropped until the end of the sixth week of classes. After that, the rules for withdrawal from courses apply. Please see the ORC/Catalog for details.

Do I need to come to the Registrar's Office to do transactions, such as adding a multiple section course or dropping a course?

No. Students may perform all registration transactions online using DartHub during the Faculty legislated dates. The Registrar's Office staff is available to provide assistance, however, and students may come to the office at any time during regular office hours for hands-on help.

When I elect courses during course election, do I indicate any second choices?

No. Students submit their ideal schedule and, if a course(s) that you have chosen turns out to be oversubscribed and you did not gain entry, you make a registration adjustment after course election results are made available, and registration adjustment and add/drop opens.

Does it matter whether or not I elect my courses during the first day of course election or at the end?

No. The Dartmouth course election system has a period of "Open election" and students can enter and change their elections up until the final closing deadline as published.

What is the difference between the course changes period and the add/drop period?

The course changes period is the time segment just after the course election cycle has completed and before the term ends. During this time, students may add and drop courses online in the same manner in which students may add and drop courses during the add/drop period. The add/drop period is the 10 day time segment at the start of the term. If you are an entering student, the time period for course changes is one or two days at the start of fall term. See your orientation schedule for dates and times.

Are there any special rules about the add/drop period?

Faculty may drop students from a course if the student has not met the prerequisite during the first eight days of the term, and during the second week of the add/drop period, all courses require instructor permission. All students must observe the two and four course load limits. For more information about the rules about course registration, please see the ORC/Catalog.

What are course enrollment priorities?

Course enrollment priorities are assigned by Departments/Programs to certain limited enrollment courses. These priorities guide the assignment of students to the course during course election processing. Course enrollment priorities are not in effect during course changes and add/drop periods.

How do I know if a course has priorities assigned to it?

A list is published each term and is available from the DartHub menu as "Course Enrollment Priorities."

How do I know which departments/programs use prerequisite checking?

There is a list of departments and programs using prerequisite checking on the Registrar's website. Regardless, students are responsible for ensuring that they have met the published prerequisites as stated in the ORC/Catalog.

Where can I find out which courses are eligible for the NRO, or available as Credit/No Credit?

NR-eligible and Credit/No Credit courses are indicated in the "NR Eligible or CT/NC" column on the Timetable.

What if I want to take a graduate-level course?

Arts and Sciences Graduate courses may be added during the add/drop period that begins each term. They are not available during the Course Election period. All Arts and Sciences graduate courses require instructor permission to gain entry. A few courses offered by the Professional Schools are available to undergraduates if they are cross-listed with an undergraduate Arts and Sciences course. An undergraduate must register for the undergraduate section of the cross-listing. See Election of Courses in the ORC/Catalog for more information.

Where do I find textbook information?

Click on the course title in the Public Timetable. If information is missing, see the Department/Program.

What is the difference between the Public Timetable and the Registration Timetable?

The Public Timetable is available to everyone. The Registration Timetable is designed specifically for students to use for course election and add/drop.

What does it mean when the ORC/Catalog or a department/program website shows that a course has  different information than what is listed in the Timetable, such as a different distributive or world culture requirement?

The information listed in the Timetable is the most up-to-date information. It may mean, for example, that the instructor has submitted a request to the Committee on Instruction for a change or addition in the distributive for the course since the ORC/Catalog was published. The Timetable includes not only the meeting time and instructor, but also its official distributive and/or world culture designation. This information supersedes any information you may see elsewhere, to include what may appear in the ORC/Catalog or on a department/program website. Note that course attributes may change term to term therefore those in effect are those (only) during the term in which you enroll in the course.

I am having technical difficulties viewing DartHub on my computer. Where do I go for help? can assist students. Depending on the machine and the browser being used, there may be variations in appearance, and adjustments may be required.

I would like some assistance with registration and viewing my student record. Who can help me?

The Registrar's Office staff can help students with questions about registration processes and procedures, as well as DartHub navigation. The Registrar’s Office has workstations in 105 McNutt where walk-in help is available during office hours. UGA’s, Class Deans, and Undergraduate Advising can also assist students with course election and add/drop. Students not on campus may e-mail

Once I have finished using DartHub, how can I be sure no one else can access my record?

It is very important never to leave a computer without exiting the system. The system will automatically log out after a short time of no activity. All students are reminded that it is possible to go between the public and secure areas once logged in, so before walking away from your computer, always log out and close the browser!

How do I communicate with the Registrar's Office when I am off campus and what are your office hours?

Please send email to; see our website for office hours.

What do the various error messages mean?

Errors appear below a student's web schedule along with a stop sign. They disappear after the student menu is exited or logged out of. To determine the specific registration error, scroll right to the STATUS field in the last column. A possible ACTION is reflected in the first column.

What is the ORC/Catalog?

The ORC/Catalog is Dartmouth’s shorthand for Organization Regulations and Courses Bulletin which is otherwise known as the "Catalog." It may be found under the ORC/Catalog tab on the Registrar’s website.

If I have a time conflict with an academic course (including a lab or discussion section) and an X-hour of another course, and I have learned that the X-hour of the course causing the conflict is not going to be used, may I still register for both courses?

Yes. By contacting the instructor of the course who is not using the X-hour to confirm there will be no conflict and forwarding that confirmation email along with a request to be enrolled in the course with the conflict to the Registrar’s Office.

If I have a time conflict with an academic course X-hour that I have learned is not going to be used and a PE course, may I still register for both courses?

Yes. By enrolling in the academic course and contacting the *PE Department* (not the Registrar’s Office) to request enrollment in the PE course with the conflict.

If a course listed on the Timetable shows that it has already met its limit, may I still attempt to seek entry?

Yes. Students may contact the instructor to inquire about an enrollment limit override, or instructor permission override.

I wish to enroll in a cross-listed course, and the Timetable indicates space is available, but I can't get in. Why?

The particular section of the cross-listed course chosen is full. Students may choose another section of the cross-listed course to gain entry.

How do I read enrollments and enrollment limits for cross-listed courses?

Cross-listed courses are considered as single courses spread across a number of sections. Therefore, their enrollments are considered as a single total, no matter how many sections are involved. So a cross-listed course with an overall enrollment limit of 30 across two sections would display that limit on both listings in the Timetable. The actual section-level limits are not displayed.

I received an error message saying, “You have made too many attempts to register this term. Contact your registrar for assistance.”  What does this mean? 

There is a limit to how many registration attempts students are allowed to make.  This limit is in place to prevent students from using automated systems to gain access to courses. When you encounter this error message please contact the Registrar’s Office at


Registration Error Status Message Action
Instructor Permission Needed. Seek an Instructor Permission override from the Instructor/Proxy then return to DartHub to register.
There is a time conflict with CRN... Select another course which does not conflict with your schedule.
Lab Section/Lecture Section Required with this course. Add the necessary Lecture/Lab section via the Registration Timetable. Both the Lecture and the Lab sections must be selected.
Prerequisite not met. Seek a Prerequisite override from the Instructor/Proxy then return to DartHub to register.
Duplicate CRN. Select a different course via the Registration Timetable. The same course cannot be added twice.
Connected Course Drop Confirmation. An attempt has been made to drop a course that has a connected or linked course. Drop both courses by clicking the DROP button on this page.
You have already taken this course for credit and may not repeat it. Another course must be chosen which is not a repeat.
No Checkbox available on Registration Timetable and Popup text reads "Already Selected." Student cannot elect the course because they have already elected it.
No Checkbox available on Registration Timetable and Popup text reads "You are not eligible for FYS." Student cannot elect this course because they are not eligible for a First Year Seminar.
No Checkbox available on Registration Timetable and Popup text reads "You are not eligible for WRT5." Student cannot elect this course because they are not eligible for Writing 5.
Recitation/Discussion section required with this course. Add the necessary Recitation/Discussion via the Registration Timetable. Both the Recitation/Discussions and the lecture sections must be selected.
All connected courses that could be dropped were done so at your request. No action required. Confirmation message only.
Maximum number of courses exceeded. No action required. Students may elect up to 3 courses during Course Election. Once Add/Drop begins, students may add a fourth course if they have not yet used up their four-course term allotment.
You have made too many attempts to register this term. Contact your registrar for assistance. Contact the Registrar’s Office at



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