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Dartmouth College undergraduate student registration occurs during three distinct periods; course election, course changes, and drop/add. During the course election period, students may elect up to 3 courses any time during the course election period; it is not first come, first served. At the end of the course election period students are registered for any courses with limited enrollment that are oversubscribed either randomly or according to priorities set by departments and programs. Students view their schedules and may make adjustments during a course change period soon after course election closes. At the start of the term, there is an add/drop period when students may make further course changes.

Course election for continuing students occurs the term prior to the term in which the courses will take place and lasts for approximately 8 days. Course changes may be made until just prior to the end of the term, and add/drop begins at the start of the next term.

Course election for entering students occurs during one day at the start of the fall term, with results available in the evening of that same day. It is followed by a day of course adjustments reserved just for entering students prior to when add/drop opens for all students.

The process of electing courses is the same for all students, whether they are entering students or continuing students with one exception; entering students who are electing a first-year seminar are prompted to elect their seminar from a highlighted Timetable.

For Guides on how to elect courses, including gaining permissions, please click on the FACULTY, STAFF, or STUDENT buttons above.

Last Updated: 11/7/19