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Priorities for Limited Enrollment Courses

Course Enrollment Priorities

Every limited enrollment course has a priority listing, available on DartHub under "Course Enrollment Priorities" in the Undergraduate Main Menu. After course election, if more students elected a course than there are seats available, the priority listing is used to determine the order in which students are enrolled in the course. The term "random" in the priority listing indicates students are selected at random, without regard to class or major.

Valid priority designations include:

  • Senior majors
  • Junior majors
  • Senior minors
  • Junior minors
  • Senior modified majors (by modifier)
  • Junior modified majors (by modifier)
  • Other Seniors
  • Other Juniors
  • Sophomores
  • First-Years
  • Random (includes exchange students)


EXAMPLE : Suppose that Astronomy 74 has a limit of 35 with a priority scheme:

1st: PHYS Senior Majors, PHYS Senior Minors
2nd: PHYS Junior Majors, PHYS Junior Minors
3rd: Senior Other
4th: Junior Other
5th: Sophomores
6th: First-Years

If fewer than 35 students sign up for the course, all will be enrolled. If, however, 60 students sign up for the course, with 10 senior Astronomy majors, 10 other seniors, etc. (10 in each category), then following the priority scheme the 10 senior majors, 10 junior majors, and 10 other seniors will be enrolled, as well as 5 of the 10 other juniors, selected at random.

Note that Astronomy is part of the Physics and Astronomy department. The department code for the Physics and Astronomy department is PHYS. All Physics and Astronomy majors will be treated equally.

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Last Updated: 11/12/19