DBIC Operations: Staff functions

During the temporary shutdown of the DBIC due to COVID-19, DBIC staff will continue to monitor and maintain critical Center infrastructure. Below, please see the ways in which the DBIC staff will continue to provide the best service possible to mrusers during this challenging time. If you have any questions about the content below, or anything we might not have covered, please contact DBIC's Associate Director for Operations, Courtney Rogers.

MRI Research Technologist

  • Terry Sackett will primarily telecommute during our shutdown, however, he will come onsite at least once a week to perform his QA testing, which is crucial in maintaining the health and peak operational function of our fMRI scanner. Terry will also coordinate with the Siemens service team to plan for service maintenance as needed or previously scheduled.
    • In the event that Terry is unable to be onsite due to illness or other reasons, Kodi Nambukara will provide continuity for scanner oversite (conducting the weekly QA, coordinating with Siemens as needed, etc.)

MRI Physicist

  • Kodi Nambukara will primarily telecommute during our shutdown, but will be conducting his QA analysis remotely, and providing his reports and graphs on a weekly basis.

Systems Administrator

  • Andy Connolly will also be primarily telecommuting during our shutdown, but will be monitoring and maintaining our critical computing infrastructure remotely. Importantly, DBIC servers will be available for users during the shutdown. In the event of an onsite systems issue, Andy will be able to be physically onsite to take care of any issues we may face.
    • In the event that Andy is unable to be onsite due to illness or other reasons, Yaroslav Halchenko will provide help to provide continuity DBIC's computer infrastructure.

Associate Director for Operations

  • Courtney Rogers will be solely telecommuting during the shutdown. She will maintain the DBIC website, manage DBIC communications, and work with the DBIC Steering Committee as needed to update policies and procedures. For those of you who may be onboarding new staff during this time, Courtney is available (and very willing!) to hold virtual meetings with your new staff members to facilitate the onboarding process as much as possible.