3/17/2020 : COVID-19 update

Dear MR users community,

The DBIC Steering Committee has decided to shut down the DBIC imaging facility due to the rapidly worsening COVID-19 crisis. This is consistent with Provost Helble’s announcement that Dartmouth has decided to "ramp-down and pause on-campus research activities.”

While the DBIC is shutdown, DBIC staff will continue to maintain the MRI scanner and monitor its performance. The DBIC computer systems also will continue to be maintained and available for MR users. We are deeply grateful to Terry Sackett, Kodi Nambukara, and Andy Connolly for their critical roles in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

For questions about non-critical DBIC operations during this temporary shutdown, please contact Courtney.Rogers@Dartmouth.EDU.

We realize that this is a setback for the ambitions and plans of the members of our research community. All pandemics end, and this one will, too. We will pick up the pieces and resume our brain imaging research when the danger is past.

Take care and stay well.


James Haxby
Evans Family Fellow
Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Director, Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center