04/05/2021: Spring term research in the DBIC

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce that for the spring term, the DBIC will continue to allow expanded research in the Center to include studies of all members of the Dartmouth community who have had a COVID test with a negative result in the past week. This includes undergraduates. The requirement for recent negative COVID tests extends to all research personnel who want to enter the DBIC.

Please note that only undergraduates who are approved for on-campus enrollment will be allowed to participate in research studies. Courtney Rogers will need to verify enrollment with the Dean of the College.

Spring term scanning hours in the DBIC are:  M-F 7 am to midnight, and Saturday/Sunday 8 am to 5 pm. Terry’s hours are Monday-Friday 8 am to 4 pm.

Policies and procedures implemented during DBIC's Phase 1B reopening remains in effect. 

  • The maximum occupancy in the DBIC suite will be three — the participant and two people running the study.
  • There is a mandatory 30-minute interval between changes in research groups, changes in research personnel, and changes in participants for cleaning and allowing the air to clear.
  • Please note that all COVID procedures regarding PPE and cleaning are still in effect. In particular all DBIC personnel must have completed COVID training.
  • TSA approval on the day of scanning is required for all, including the participant. Courtney will need the name of the participant at least 72 hours before scanning so that she can monitor TSA compliance.
  • Users who wish to scan during the spring will need to submit a DBIC protocol application to register intent to scan during spring term. Anyone who wants to scan during the spring term, please contact Courtney for information and to get set up.

Happy scanning.


Courtney, Jim, and Tor