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Name Class Year Military Unit
Allen, Robert
(interview with Carol Allen)
45US Air Force
Allison, Huntly42US Naval Reserve, V-7
Baker, DeWitt46US Navy, V-12
Barnes, Swift C.
(interview with Swift C. & Virginia Barnes)
42US Navy, V-7
Barnum, Robert43US Navy
Barr, Donald46US Army Infantry
Barr, Stanley44US Navy
Barradale, Eric
(interview with Eric & Joan Barradale)
44US Navy Air Corps
Beck, Peter45US Army
Berkowitz, GeorgeUS Marines, V-12
Berry, Chester
(interview with Ruthe Berry)
40US Navy; Civilian Public Service - Manhattan Project
Berthold, Fred45Civilian Public Service
Bildner, Allen47US Navy, V-12
Bock, Edwin43US Army
Brooks, Philip43US Army Air Corps
Brumsted, Harlan
(interview with Harlan & Evelyn Brumsted)
46US Navy, V-12
Bryant, Nelson46US Army Parachute/Airborne Infantry
Caproni, Leo42US Army Air Corps
Caravatt, Paul
(interview with Paul & Laura Caravatt)
45US Army Infantry
Carey, Harry
(interview with Patricia Slater Carey)
44US Coast Guard, Artillery, OCS
Coleman, James46US Army Air Corps
Daniell, Warren48US Navy
Day, George49US Navy
Donaldson, David C.43US Army, OSS
Drury, Francis484F
Ehinger, Robert43US Navy Supply Corps
Elliott, Burton484F (applied for V-12)
Epply, William44US Navy Air Corps
Epstein, Alan47US Navy, ROTC
Evans, Jay49US Air Force
Field, Robert E.43US Navy
Fielding, Waldo43US Navy
Fieldsteel, Robert
(interview with Robert & Joyce Fieldsteel)
43US Army Infantry
Fisher, Walter
(interviews with Walter & Katharine Fisher)
50US Marines
Florman, Samuel46US Navy, V-12
Foster, GeorgeV-12
Foster, Peter48US Navy
Frank, Harold46US Navy, V-12
Gardner, Clint
(interviews with Clint Gardner & Elizabeth Gardner)
44US Army
Glover, Paul45US Marines, V-12
Gustafson, John48US Marines, V-12
Haak, Vail49US Army
Hall, Alan47US Navy
Hampton, Harry45US Army Infantry
Hardigg, James Sutton44US Army
Heneage, Peter
(interviews with Peter & Jackie Heneage)
45US Army
Hinckley, Harris45US Army
Hinman, A. Buol46US Army
Hinman, Richard
(interviews with Richard Hinman & Barbara Dent Hinman)
45US Army Air Corps
Howard, John W.46US Navy, V-12
Hutchins, Frank45US Army, OSS
Jacoby, Ned40U.S. Army Air Corps, U.S. Army Air Force
Jenkins, John
(interview with John & Mary Jenkins)
43US Army Air Force Intelligence
Jones, Benjamin F.44US Army
Jordan, Cliff45US Army Air Corps
Jouett, John K.43US Army
Joy, Robert
(interview with Robert & Nancy Joy)
Kopp, Quentin49US Air Force
Krug, Ted49US Navy Air Corps
Leavitt, Howard B.43US Navy
Levinson, Robert46US Navy, V-12
McLane, Malcolm46US Army Air Force
McLaughry, Robert44US Naval Air Corps
Mallary, Richard49no affiliation
Medlicott, Alexander49US Army
Merrill, Dean49US Marines
Morse, Harry44US Navy, V-12
Munroe, George43US Navy
Nelson, Gilbert49US Army
Nutt, Robert49US Army
Paulson, Robert
(interviews with Robert Paulson & Marge Paulson)
45US Army Signal Corps
Peterson, Walter47US Navy, V-12
Phippen, George R.47US Navy, V-5 & V-12
Pontecorvo, Giulio45US Army
Quayle, Oliver
(interview with Jacqueline Quayle)
42US Navy, V-12
Rasenberger, Raymond49no affiliation
Reed, W. Lansing47US Navy
Rooke, Robert49US Army
Rowan, Charles
(interview with Joan Rowan)
Safford, Theodore45US Navy
Samek, Paul45US Navy, V-12
Sarkisian, Harry46US Navy, V-12
Scheu, Edward46US Navy
Sills, David42US Army
Sisson, Donald
(interview with Donald & Ruth Sisson)
45US Army
Smith, Fred49no affiliation
Smith, Robinson V.46US Navy
Stearns, John49US Air Force
Steiner, Robert45US Army
Swartz, Thomas49US Army
Tallmer, Jerry42US Army
Tate, Stephen44US Army
Thomas, Gordon49US Army
Thomson, Douglas49US Marines
Tirrell, Robert45Naval Hosp. Corps 1943-1946, US Marines
Trethaway, John47US Naval Air Corps
Truncellito, Ray
(interviews with Ray & Barbara Truncellito)
49US Army
Turner, George
(interview with George & Ann Turner)
47US Navy, V-12
Van Raalte, John48US Navy
Vancisin, Joseph44US Army Air Corps
Waterman, Charles D.
(interview with Sibyl Waterman)
45US Marine Corps
Weed, Walker40US Army Tenth Mtn. Division
Weeks, John Thayer44US Army Corps of Engineers
Wiederhold, Louis45Civilian Public Service
Wildman, John47US Navy, V-12
Wolff, Richard A.49no affiliation
Woodberry, Paul49US Air Force
Young, Paul
(interview with Paul & Ruth Young)
43US Navy
Youngman, Frank N.45US Navy, V-12