George H. Berkowitz

George Berkowitz, Green Book/Aegis image Name: George Berkowitz
Class: -
Military Unit: US Marine, V-12

Listen to the interview:

George: "The first week I was at Dartmouth, new uniform … I think we were PFCs … Marine drill instructors are very, very tough and I can remember to this day, he got in front of us in a row, lined up … [This] was probably the first or second time we were lined up in a military order. And the drill instructor said, 'Right face!' and I turned left face. He came over to me and looked at me, at my nametag and said, 'Berkowitz!' and I said, 'Yes sir!' He said, 'You are the dumbest son-of-a-bitch I ever saw!’ You know, for a week I believed him. That was the indoctrination to the Marine Corps."

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