Eric & Joan Barradale

Eric Barradale, Green Book/Aegis image Name: Eric Barradale
Class: 1944
Military Unit: US Naval Reserve Air Corps

Joan Barradale Name: Joan Barradale

Listen to the interview:

Eric: "The College showed great compassion, appreciation, cooperation, understanding and helpfulness to those who returned to [Dartmouth] to finish their degrees after World War Two."

Joan: "We were the first group of the married vets.  We were in Middle Fayerweather and it was a wonderful experience.  The College had turned over each unit and it had little kitchenettes in one corner and the bathrooms were on a different floor, one floor for the women and the upper floor for the men….  The refrigerator that they'd given you in the kitchenette was very small and I didn’t have enough room, so I'd put food outside on the window and of course the squirrels they came; they started coming and that was a problem but somehow we handled that."

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