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JMC Front Desk October 2020

Our Circulation Desk may be closed but we are still here to help!

How can we help you REMOTELY today?

Need help or training?

We are offering REMOTE digital media workshops for students, faculty and staff! Zoom sessions and online resources will provide instruction in the use of digital media software and techniques. If you're unsure of how to go about assigning a media project through remote teaching and learning we can help! We are also offering 'Remote Workshops on Demand'. We will conduct media workshops for 5 or more people on a variety of software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and more!  Just email us at Jones.Media.Center@Dartmouth.edu for a consultation! 

Looking for access to software?

Dartmouth has made Adobe Creative Cloud applications available FREE to all Arts and Science undergraduate students and Guarini graduate students. For instructions and support on how to access the applications go to Dartmouth Service Portal: Adobe Creative Cloud SoftwareIn addition, Adobe Creative Cloud is available on all Jones Media Center iMac computers.

Looking for videos?

We are not circulating DVDs at this time but we are more than happy to make films available to students and faculty for curricular purposes. For more information see our Course Reserves page.  

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The JMC SPACE will be open from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm. The JMC CIRCULATION DESK WILL NOT be reopening as a service point at this time. However, JMC staff is available for virtual consultation.

For safety reasons, ONLY equipment
and collections requests that directly support teaching and scholarly research can be considered for processing. We will not be circulating media equipment, projectors, board games, and video consoles/games for recreational use. 

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