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Software on JMC Computers

 The following software is available on all Jones Media Center iMac computers. In addition, Dartmouth has made Adobe Creative Cloud applications available FREE to all Arts and Science undergraduate students and Guarini graduate students. For instructions and support on how to access the applications go to Dartmouth Service Portal: Adobe Creative Cloud Software

iMovie iMovie
Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro X
Motion Motion
Premier Premier Pro CC
After Effects After Effects CC

Music & Audio

GarageBand GarageBand
Audition Audition CC
Audacity Audacity
Audio Converter MediaHuman Audio Converter
Logic Pro Logic Pro (2 iMacs only)

Video Tools

VLC Player VLC Player
Media Encoder Media Encoder CC
Compressor Compressor
FLV Crunch FLV Crunch

Photo & Graphics

photoshop Photoshop CC
illustrator Illustrator CC
lightroom Lightroom CC
photos Photos
powerpoint Maya
gimp Gimp
inkscape Inkscape


Word 2016 Word 2016
Excel 2016 Excel 2016
OneNote 2016 OneNote 2016
Acrobat Pro Acrobat Pro CC
InDesign InDesign CC
Pages Pages
Numbers Numbers
Final Draft Final Draft
iBooks Author iBooks Author

Web & Developer Tools

Dreamweaver Dreamweaver CC
Flash Flash CC
Xcode Xcode
Cyberduck Cyberduck
Github Desktop Github Desktop
jEdit jEdit
SourceTree SourceTree
iTerm iTerm

Math & Data Visualization

iMovie Mathematica
iMovie Maple
iMovie SPSS
iMovie Stata
iMovie R
iMovie Stella
cn3d Cn3D


iMovie PowerPoint
iMovie Keynote