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Spaces at Jones Media Center

Innovation Studio

Innovation Studio
Give a presentation or lead a workshop; record a video; organize a class project screening.

Equipment includes an 8-screen video wall, presenter podium, green screen, blackout curtains, and removable walls.
Capacity: 2 long tables, 20 chairs with tablet desks, additional seating for a total of 20.
Request online (approval required)

Media Workstation (17)

Lab Workstations
View media for class; edit multimedia projects (audio, video, images and graphics, 3D modeling, etc.)
Equipment varies per station, and includes: iMac computers with DVD players, flatbed scanners, slide scanners, second screens with inputs for Mac and Windows devices.
Software includes Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Suite, FinalCut Pro, Maya, Sibelius, and more.
Capacity: 1-4 per station

Audio Recording Room (Berry 278)

JMC audio recording room
Our audio recording space is equipped with four Shure SM7B microphones and boom arms, headphones, and a RØDECaster PRO II audio production unit.
Capacity: 4

Editing Room (2)

Editing Transfer Rooms
A semi-private room for transferring and editing analog audio and video.

iMac computer, VHS tape, audio cassette, multi-format DVD player. miniDV player available for check-out at the desk.
Software includes Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Suite, FinalCut Pro, Maya, Sibelius, and more.
Capacity: 1-3

Whisper Room

JMC Whisper Room
A sound isolation booth designed for audio recording.

Capacity: 2
Reserve Online

Virtual A/V Lab (Berry 279)

Virtual A/V Lab interior
The Virtual AV Lab (Berry 279) offers a place to create professional videos, record audio podcasts with guests, and conduct Zoom classes or workshops together, within the comfort of a small home studio space. The room features a large flat panel display, surround sound, and access to preconfigured video and audio equipment for the best production quality. We have multiple angle cameras as well a green screen. For more information, visit 

Capacity: 1