Spaces at Jones Media Center

Media Workstations

editing stations during COVID-19JMC Media Workstations have been modified to meet new library policy standards. JMC computers are now dispersed inside the Center and outside in the main area of the second floor. For everyone's safety, only one person per table/pod within the Center is allowed and only one person per computer station in the main area of the second floor is allowed. 
Software includes Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Suite, FinalCut Pro, Maya, Sibelius, and more. 


Editing Room (2)

Editing Transfer Rooms
A semi-private room for transferring and editing analog audio and video.

iMac computer, VHS tape, audio cassette, multi-format DVD player. miniDV player available for check-out at the desk.

Software includes Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Suite, FinalCut Pro, Maya, Sibelius, and more.

Capacity: 1


Innovation Studio

Innovation StudioThe Innovation Studio is available for green screen production and other recording projects. Equipment includes an 8-screen video wall, presenter podium, green screen, blackout curtains and removable walls. 
In accordance with Dartmouth Library COVID-19 policies guidelines must be followed to maintain a protective environment. Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing is required as this is a confined space. 
The Studio is available ONLY during regular staff hours. 

Request online (approval required)

Collaboration Rooms

Collaborations rooms are unavailable at this time.

Whisper Room

The Whisper Room is unavailable at this time.