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About Jones Media Center

The Jones Media Center supports the instruction and research needs of Dartmouth’s faculty, students, staff and alumni by providing facilities, collections and expertise for researching, viewing and producing a wide range of media.


The Jones Media Center was born from opportunity. With the addition of the Berry wing of the Baker/Berry library in 2000, the Jones Media Center combined the video and audio collection of the Instructional Services division with the collection holding of the Jones Microtext Center into a new facility providing students and faculty access to the widest array of scholarly non-print on campus. As students became not just consumers, but producers of multimedia as well, the Jones Media Center was transformed further into the locus for working with all kinds of media and media production hardware and software in support of the campus academic mission. Thanks to a generous gift from the family of Berkeley Fairfax Jones, '25, the Jones Media Center has been able to purchase and maintain the rich array of media, workstations, software, and media production equipment available in the Center.


Following our major renovation in 2015, the Jones Media Center now provides a rich space for collaboration along with equipment, expertise, and unique facilities for producing multimedia project for classroom and extracurricular purposes. A wide array of audio and video hardware--from digital still and video cameras to audio recorders, microphones, light kits and more--are available for loan. Multimedia workstations are available for editing audio and video, scanning and manipulating images, and creating presentations. Workshops offered during the term provide instruction on multimedia hardware and software available in the JMC.

The Center's media collection comprises more than 22,000 DVD titles and 5,500 VHS titles, as well as audiotapes, CDs, and CD-ROMs. Subjects range from feature films and popular television series, to classic and rare productions, documentaries, foreign language films, and recordings of public lectures and Dartmouth events. Individual stations and specialized rooms are available for viewing. Our collection will soon include video games and tabletop games to support new academic research on campus.

The Innovation Studio transforms easily between a teaching and presentation space, and a small black-box filming studio, and features an 8-screen video wall for greater impact and multi-source viewing. Students can work together in our Collaborative Rooms; watch a film or enjoy video and computer games in The Living Room; or record an audio voiceover in the WhisperRoom recording booth.

The Digital Media Lab has equipment and support for digitizing and editing audio, video and images. The media center is also equipped to provide for repair, duplication, transfer, conversion and preservation of media materials in most popular audio and video formats.

Our staff is comprised of highly skilled individuals specializing in audio and video production, teaching with media and course design, collections management, and public service.

For more information, download a copy of our latest annual report.