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Student Employment at the Jones Media Center

Student assistants are integral to the work flow at the Jones Media Center. Each term Jones employs between 15 and 20 students covering approximately 100 hours. We are looking for students that understand and value good public service and are willing to work as team players. The Jones Media Center offers the following positions to Dartmouth students.

JMC Circulation Desk Assistant

Hours covered: Mon - Fri  10AM-5PM

15-20 students

JMC Circulation Desk Assistants are responsible for staffing the circulation desk in the Jones Media Center, located in the Baker-Berry Library. Student assistants are often the first point of contact between the Jones Media Center and the patrons who use the space and services, which include undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community.

Since many students continue to work at Jones for several terms, only a few jobs become available each term. Interested students should learn more and join the waitlist to be notified when openings arise.

If you have questions, contact: Anna Grallert, Supervisor for Circulation Services Assistants.

Creative Services Assistant

Hours covered: Mon - Fri  10AM-5PM

JMC Creative & Technical Services Assistants staff the tech bar in the Jones Media Center, located in Baker-Berry Library. “Createchs” provide creative services for JMC and Baker-Berry, along with a technical support for the media center, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the community.

Applicants will need to provide a portfolio of creative work. If you are Interested in learning more about this position please visit: JMC Creative & Technical Services Assistant Job Description.

If you have questions, contact: Chris Ivanyi, Supervisor for Creative Services Assistants.