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Ray & Barbara Truncellito

Ray Truncellito, Green Book/Aegis image Name: Ray Truncellito
Class: 1949
Military Unit: US Army

Barbara Truncellito Name: Barbara Truncellito

Listen to the Ray Truncellito:

Ray: "It [Dartmouth] made me grow physically.  I matured intellectually and I certainly matured socially because you had to in order to survive … I remember a couple of upperclassmen.  I was coming out of the DDA and they said, 'Where's your beanie at?' and I said, 'I didn't get around to getting it,' and the other one said, 'Are you so and so?' and I said, 'Yeah.' 'Okay, when you get a chance, get a beanie.’  They knew I was on the football team and that carried a little weight, don’t ask me why, and so I was excused from some of those things.”

Download complete transcript of Ray's interview.

Listen to the Barbara Truncellito:

Barbara: "My last summer before we graduated [from Mary Hitchcock Nursing School] we lived in the Theta Chi house which was right around the corner from the hospital and … it must have been crowded so that they needed a little extra space over in the nurses' homes…. They [the Dartmouth students] were gone for the summer… and it was handy for us.”

Download complete transcript of Barbara's interview.