08/04/2021: IMPORTANT UPDATE -Research ramp-down has ended

Dear DBIC Researchers,

Some more good news! On Monday, the Vice Provost for Research announced that along with Dartmouth's return to full access, the research ramp-down has ended. 

For the continued health and safety of our community, researchers must continue to follow all legal mandates and remaining campus-wide COVID-19 guidelines as listed on the Dartmouth Together website (covid.dartmouth.edu), including:

DBIC staff and research personnel in-person research must continue to wear face coverings when working with human research participants, regardless of vaccination status. The participant is not required to wear a mask while in the scan bore. If you have questions about this, please let me know.

Until at least September 1, research teams must continue to provide Courtney Rogers with a list of personnel and participants at least 3 business days in advance of their planned scan. Courtney will continue to ensure that personnel and Dartmouth-affiliated participants accessing the DBIC are following Dartmouth's COVID testing requirements. DBIC applications must be submitted to Courtney Rogers for review and approval prior to initiating a study in the DBIC.

Research labs are no longer required to provide non-Dartmouth participants with an information sheet, nor are they required to collect and retain participant information for contact tracing purposes. As has been the case, asymptomatic testing is not required for non-Dartmouth participants.

Please note that research teams may not ask about the vaccination status of any research participant. If you have any questions about DBIC's policies, or the Vice Provost's announcement, please let me know and I'm happy to help navigate this process. I thank you all very much for your patience and diligence over the last 16 months - this has not been an easy road, but our collective efforts have helped us succeed, and our collective efforts will help us to maintain this level of openness.

Thank you.