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Virtual fMRI brown bag: January 28, 2022

Please join us for a talk given by Kristoffer NT Mansson, a Visiting Research Faculty member in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College, and beginning in 2022, an Assistant Professor at the Karolinska Institutet.

Moment-to-moment variability and sensitivity in functional and structural BRAIN IMAGES: caveats and opportunities

The human brain is remarkably dynamic and enables us to rapidly face demands and emotions in an ever-changing environment. However, researchers commonly calculate averaged neural responses across time and disregard moment-to-moment variability as noise. At the same time, conventional neuroimaging measures suffer low test-retest reliability, and replications across studies are still unsatisfactory. In this talk, I will present both functional and structural MRI data and provide examples of adaptive and rapid brain fluctuations in psychiatric and healthy individuals: First, Moment-to-moment variability in socio-emotional related BOLD response is a reliable predictor of social anxiety disordered patients’ treatment outcome (1); Second, brain morphology measures are sensitive to individuals’ mental states and demonstrate task-related “volumetric” changes in less than two minutes (2, 3). I will discuss relevant literature and implications for the future. If variability in the BOLD signal represents an adaptive brain response, how much scanning time is needed to capture reliable activity, and what is sufficient to predict relevant behavior? I will also demonstrate predictive performance differences between resting-state and task-based fMRI. Finally, I will discuss the implications of structural scans (e.g., T1-weighted MRI) being sensitive to what individuals are doing while they are being scanned.

(1) Månsson, K. N. T., Waschke, L., Manzouri, A., Furmark, T., Fischer, H., & Garrett, D. D. (2021). Moment-to-Moment Brain Signal Variability Reliably Predicts Psychiatric Treatment Outcome. Biological Psychiatry. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biopsych.2021.09.026

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