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Virtual fMRI brown bag: November 6

Please join us for a talk given by Heini Saarimäki, a postdoctoral research fellow at Tampere University in Finland. Dr. Saarimäki was nominated for an fMRI brown bag by Dartmouth College graduate student, Mijin Kwon.

Dr. Saarimäki's research interests are in the field of social and affective neuroscience, and her research has focused on the neural underpinnings of human emotions. She has studied the neural basis of different emotions and their relationship to subjective experiences of emotions, as well as the flow of emotions during natural interaction. In her research, she combines naturalistic stimuli (such as movies and narratives), brain imaging (mostly fMRI), and pattern classification methods with self-reports and other measures of subjective experiences.

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

Place: Zoom