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2012 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who have given to Dartmouth in fiscal 2012 through the Dartmouth College Fund. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received.

Class of 1942
52% Participation

Anonymous (4) 

Huntly Allison B

Bert W. Anger B

Samuel M. Bell 

The Reverend William M. Bishop 

Bradley C. Bowman 

John D. Brewer 

F. Gardiner F. Bridge 

Allen H. Britton, Jr. 

Robert C. Brower, Jr. 

Robert M. Campbell 

Leo F. Caproni, Jr. 

Richard H. Cardozo, M.D. B

William S. Clark VB

Charles E. Dell 

Irenee Du Pont, Jr. 

LeRoy L. Eldredge, Jr., M.D. 

Richard A. Ensor 

Stuart C. Finch, M.D. 

Edward L. Finn 

Robert L. Gale B

David S. Hazelton 

Frederick H. Heinbokel 

Charles F. Herberger, Jr., Ph.D. 

Richard D. Higgins V

Fred E. Huntley 

Harry A. Jacobs, Jr. 

Robert W. Keeler, M.D. 

Donald Kerr 

Murray J. Latz 

Joseph P. Logan V

E. Wayne Martz, M.D. VB

Donald E. Meads 

Jonathan D. Mendes V

Gordon L. Newell 

William W. Parmer V

Edward J. Rasmussen B

The Reverend Roger D. Robison 

John L. Rosenfeld 

George L. Rushton, Jr. 

Commander Edward P. Stafford 

Guy A. Swenson, Jr. VB

Paul Uhlmann, Jr. 

William E. Uptegrove 

Charles L. Weinberg 

John W. Wester, Jr. 

William W. Winternitz, M.D. 

William P. Witman 

John D. Wright Jr. 

Jack H. Zimmer B

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Barbara E. Arico 

Virginia S. Brutschy 

Shirley R. Burns 

Kathryn Cassidy *

Anne F. Chasnoff 

Mrs. William H. Gray 

Mrs. Hugh Halsey, II 

Mrs. Ernest Burton Keirstead 

Sidnee A. Lohman 

Alice Lowenthal 

Virginia E. Nehring 

Anne Palamountain B

Mrs. Oliver Quayle, III 

Laura Rendall 

The Reverend Katherine Riggs 

Marilyn C. Sale 

Denise Sherman *

Mrs. David S. Smith 

Nancy K. Vanderwart 

Mercedes Williams 

Key: * = Deceased,   A = Adopted,   V = Volunteer,   B = BTS Member

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