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About the Dartmouth College Fund

Your annual gift through the Dartmouth College Fund sustains an experience that transforms students into people who can transform the world.

In 2012, gifts through the Fund helped Dartmouth provide need-based scholarships to over 54 percent of its undergraduates, including more than 11 percent who are the first in their families to attend college.

Fund gifts have also helped Dartmouth increase the number of faculty by 18 percent in the past 10 years—one reason U.S. News & World Report ranks Dartmouth #1 for "Best Undergraduate Teaching."

Intense classes with faculty mentors. Life-long friendships. A College steeped in tradition—building better futures since 1769. That's what the Dartmouth College Fund is all about.

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Why annual gifts?

Tuition covers only 43 percent of the total cost of the student experience. Dartmouth relies on gifts from alumni—primarily through the Dartmouth College Fund—to make up the difference. In 2012, unrestricted gifts made up 8 percent of Dartmouth's annual budget.

Annual, unrestricted gifts through the Dartmouth College Fund—of any size—are spent entirely in the year they are received. Unlike the endowment, annual funds give Dartmouth the flexibility to respond to urgent needs. Endowed funds are invested for the future and the majority are donor-restricted to specific uses. The College spends five percent of the interest earned from the endowment each year.

Other types of gifts

Friends groups also raise restricted funds for specific areas within Dartmouth, from athletic teams to the Rockefeller Center, above and beyond the College's budget. Class dues raised by individual classes support class activities such as mini-reunions, but don't directly support the College.