Faculty, Trustees and Administrators of Dartmouth College

During the 1970s and 1980s, Jere Daniell, Class of 1925 Professor of History, Emeritus, and Arthur M. Wilson, Daniel Webster Professor of Biography and Government, Emeritus completed more than 265 hours of interviews with more than eighty narrators, including trustees, members of the faculty and administrators who served the College during the first half of the twentieth century. Most of these interviews have not been transcribed but can be listened to in Rauner Library and are accompanied by tape logs. 

Since the mid-1990s and continuing until 2011, interviews documenting Dartmouth during the latter half of the twentieth century were collected as narrators became available. Some of these interviews are open, or partially open,  and some are not yet open. All of them have been transcribed.  Transcripts of open interviews are available in Rauner Library. Most open transcripts are also available online and can be viewed by clicking on the link that appears next to the narrator's name. Some interviews have topic and name access through indexes.  All are word-searchable.