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Jones Memorial Digital Media Fellowship

The Jones Memorial Digital Media Fellowship provides an opportunity for a graduating student or recent graduate of Dartmouth College to spend a year learning digital media technology as applied to the academic curriculum and careers in librarianship. The fellowship may be tailored to the individual interests of the candidate where their skills support the mission of the Jones Media Center.

Successful applicants will be highly motivated and innovative individuals, with strong academic records and an interest and aptitude for working with digital media hardware and software. Outstanding interpersonal and communications skills and an enthusiasm for helping students, faculty and other library patrons use new technology are essential.


  • Develop skills using digital media hardware and software
  • Produce multimedia exhibits and promotional materials
  • Assist students, faculty, staff and alumni with their multimedia projects
  • Learn about media preservation and restoration
  • Teach workshops on digital media software applications
  • Gain experience with library collections, systems and services


This fellowship is open to graduating seniors and graduate students of Dartmouth College with an interest in digital media technology and libraries. Please note: Candidates must have completed their undergraduate degree before July 1, 2024.

Pay, Benefits and Tenure:

This is a one-year, full-time (37.5 hrs/week) paid fellowship with Dartmouth benefits that runs from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025. The Fellow will be paid $20./hr. 

Application Process:

The application portal for the 2024-2025 fellowship is now closed.

If you have questions regarding this fellowship, please feel free to contact Susan Simon, Media Learning Technologist and Supervisor of the Fellowship: Susan.Simon@Dartmouth.edu


Jones Media Fellowship


In their own words:

“This fellowship provided me the opportunity to explore a variety of fields I was curious about like, graphic design and film. I appreciated that I was given the freedom and encouraged to pick projects that interested me. This fellowship also exposed me to other career opportunities within the library.”

—Carla Galarza '13

JMC Fellow 2013-2014

 “I would tell future fellows to take advantage of all the resources and opportunities that you have during your time at the fellowship. Jones has a lot of great technology, teaching tools, and people who are willing to work with you.”

—Matthew Castellana '12

JMC Fellow 2012-2013

“Without the fellowship, I wouldn't have had the relevant experience to be hired in the first place, and I may not have had the confidence to be able to keep up as the company grew from 20 people to 150.”

—Christina Cortland '10,

JMC Fellow 2010-2011

“The JMC fellowhips pretty much defined my career trajectory!  Ever since my fellowship I have been working in some form of educational technology, loosely defined.  While at the JMC I discovered a passion for helping people learn how to use technology, and to use technology to help people.”

- Jeremy Seidling '09

JMC Fellow 2009 - 2010