Other Campus Resources

Below is a list of relevant resources and opportunities.

Undergraduate Deans

  • Who: Your Undergraduate Deans and Dean's Office Student Consultants (DOSCs): A group of seniors who provide academic peer advising. Your assigned Dean is posted on your Banner Page!
  • Where: Student Academic Support Center, Suite 125, Carson
  • How to Contact: Email Dean of Undergraduate Students or (603) 646-2243

Academic Skills Center

  • Who: Carl P. Thum and Holly Potter
  • What: Learning strategies: time management, reading improvement, note-taking; peer tutors, and study groups (Tutor Clearinghouse) or take their PE Class (Learning at Dartmouth: fall term course for freshmen only).
  • Where: 224 Baker
  • How to Contact: 646-2014 or by email at the Academic Skills Center

Teaching Science Fellows

  • What: The Science Teaching Fellows partner with the faculty of introductory biology and chemistry classes to make them more accessible, regardless of science background. They provide interactive learning opportunities to complement lecture-based courses.  As recent Dartmouth graduates, they are familiar with course demands. You can use their Study Tips for Success!
  • Where: 123 Life Sciences Center
  • How to contact: Check out their website for more info!

Undergraduate Advising and Research (UGAR)

Center for Professional Development

  • What: CPD offers advising and facilitates access to opportunities in health careers
  • Where: 63 Main St. 2nd Floor (In Bank of America building)

Dartmouth Center for Service

  • What: Students are encouraged to explore and identify health-related internships and service opportunities.
  • Where: Fairbanks (House behind FoCo)

Dickey Center for International Understanding

  • What: The Dickey Center can offer funding for faculty and student research, direct you to internship opportunities and tell you about undergraduate fellowships
  • Where: Haldeman Center


  • Who: The Student Center for Research, Writing, Information Technology
  • What: Help with writing and verbal skills. 
  • Where: Berry 183 (on the first floor of Baker Library near King Arthur Flour)
  • How to Contact: Writing Program or Speech Program