The Nathan Smith Society

What is NSS?

The Nathan Smith Society (NSS) is a student organization that supports students interested in the health professions. NSS is led by Dr. Lee Witters and a student executive community. They work with HPP to create meaningful events and opportunities for all pre-health students. 

For more information, check out the Nathan Smith Society website and sign up for its listserv (instructions can be found on the NSS website).

What Does NSS Offer?

Through NSS, Dartmouth students have the unique opportunity to participate in the Shadowing Program at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) and the White River Junction VA Hospital. Students are paired by lottery with physicians and other health care providers to participate in clinical activities ranging from the operating room to the birthing pavilion to the out-patient clinics.

In addition, NSS organizes a "Dinner with a Doc" series consisting of evening dinners and afternoon teas with Geisel Medical School faculty and other physicians.   

How is NSS Different from HPP?

HPP is Dartmouth's official Pre-Health Advising Program that helps individualize Pre-Health course selections and timelines, personalize D-Plans, and assist with learning and study strategies in science courses.

NSS is a student organization focused on organizing extracurricular activities for Pre-Health students.