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DartAlert: Frequently Asked Questions

Register for DartAlert: 

Click on the link below to register for DartAlert, Dartmouth's campus-wide emergency communication plan.  Read the following FAQ's for additional information.  


What is DartAlert?

DartAlert is part of a campus-wide communications plan that Dartmouth will be utilizing in the event of an emergency. The College has selected the services of an outside company which has the capacity to deliver time-sensitive emergency notifications through a variety of communications devices to the entire Dartmouth student, faculty and staff population in the event of an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, all Dartmouth-administered, land-line telephones will receive an automated message, and all Dartmouth email accounts will receive a notification with brief details and instructions regarding the emergency.

Additionally, the DartAlert notification system allows members of the Dartmouth College community to receive either an automated cellphone warning or text message if an emergency occurs on campus. 

New in 2015, DartAlert can send a message that will pop-up on your computer screen if you on a Dartmouth Network.  

How will I know when I receive a message from DartAlert?

DartAlert will issue emergency messages in three ways:

  • Over your Dartmouth-administered land-line telephone (those with 603-646-xxxx numbers, as well as some Dartmouth Medical School land lines starting with 603-650-xxxx), you’ll receive a call from 603-646-2222. The recorded message will state its from the DartAlert system and whether it is a test or an actual emergency.
  • An email from "DartAlert" will appear in your Dartmouth inbox stating in the subject line whether it is a test or an actual emergency.
  • If you download and install the DartAlert Alertus Desktop application, you will receive a message on you computer screen if you are connected to the Dartmouth Network.  

How do I install the DartAlert Alertus Desktop Application?

Click here to download DartAlert Alertus Desktop. 

Can I register to get an alert on my cellphone?

The DartAlert notification system allows members of the Dartmouth College community to receive either an automated cellphone warning or text message if an emergency occurs. This notification is in addition to the automated message sent to Dartmouth-administered land-line telephones and all Dartmouth email accounts. Click here to register your cell phone.

How do I update my contact information?

If you have already registered your mobile device with DartAlert, you can change your phone number or contact options at any time. Simply click here to visit the registration page.

What other ways will Dartmouth communicate emergency information?

The Dartmouth home page, Dartmouth Daily Updates (D2U), and campus-wide broadcast emails are some of the tools we'll use to communicate to you during an emergency. 

In my job, I don’t use a computer and I’m frequently away from the telephone. How will I be notified of an emergency?

Dartmouth departments are working with managers and supervisors to ensure that they notify their staff – those who don't have their own work stations, computers or work phones – through direct personal contact. Two-way radios already in use in some departments, as well as other direct communication methods, are being considered to ensure that all employees receive emergency information.

Will Dartmouth be testing DartAlert?

We test the DartAlert system regularly and appreciate any feedback about the tests. Pay attention to the Dartmouth homepage, this website and your Dartmouth inbox for notices about upcoming tests. 

How do I know that all of my personal data will be secure and protected by the College?

The information in your DND listing will only be provided to outside vendor for the explicit purposes of notifying you in case of an emergency. The company has agreed that they have no right to use your contact information for any purpose other than notifying you via DartAlert. They do not have rights to sell, disclose or trade your contact information. Only the individuals employed by Dartmouth who must use this information to administer and manage DartAlert will also have access to your contact information. No other access will be allowed except as may be required by law.