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Reference Services

There are several ways in which we can answer your questions.

  1. In Person:
    You can visit us during our open hours and we can help you find in our collection, the types of maps you want to see.
  2. Via Telephone:
    You can call us at (603) 646-2579. We are happy to assist you over the telephone. However, be aware that maps are visual resources and no 2 maps of the same area have the same appeal. You need to be very specific about what you want to see on the map so that we can help you best.
  3. Via email:
    We also answer questions via email. However, this service is limited to Dartmouth students, staff and faculty and questions about special map collections Dartmouth owns. Unfortunately, we are not able to answer general map questions from non-Dartmouth individuals. We recommend that you contact your local public library for assistance.