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Students - 2 weeks
Faculty & Staff - 2 weeks
Special Library Card Holders - 2 weeks

Only maps dated 1981 and newer circulate to library users. A Dartmouth library card is required to borrow maps. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services are available through Interlibrary Loan Services. Anyone may use the cartographic materials in the Evans Map Room during the regular open hours. Photocopying and scanning are available.

The books and atlases housed in the Evans Map Room do not circulate. However, there are usually similar items in the regular stacks which do circulate. The books and atlases in the Evans Map Room are usually the latest edition, are used heavily for reference and research or are national atlases and rarer items that would not normally circulate.


There are charges for all printing in the Evans Map Room. Please see our Price List for printing services and Printing FAQs .

Please note:

  • We do not have Macs.
  • We do not print on Letter size, Legal size or Tabloid size paper any longer.
  • We do not print the last half hour we are open. Printing stops at 6:30 pm, 5:30 pm or 4:30 pm depending on the day of the week or time of year. Click here to check current hours.


We can scan large, non-attached items with our scanner. Please read our Scanning FAQs for more information and instructions.


We have 1 black & white photocopier that can copy pages up to size 11x17 (tabloid).

Study Space:

We have 2 long tables that can accommodate 6 to 8 people each. However, we do not have power outlets to support all of those people.

Light table:

We have 1 light table suitable to help with tracing maps onto paper.

Food & Beverages:

No food or drink (including water) is allowed in the Evans Map Room.