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The Electron Microscope Facility is located in the new ECSC (Engineering and Computer Science Center) building. The facility is on the basement / garden level in rooms B022 ... B033.

20220713606mainsmECSC Building. View from the patio with connection to MacLean Engineering Sciences Center building.  Main entrance on ground level.

20220713212terracesmECSC Building. View from the terrace. Basement / garden level.

20220712075garagesmECSC Building. View from the garage's entrance.


Inside. The attrium.

thirdfloorsmView from the 3rd floor.

The EM facility is located in the Engineering and Computer Science Center (ECSC) building on the garden/basement level in rooms B022 - B033.

The Helios is in B025 the Tecnai is in B028. The Tescan SEM is in MacLean M028.

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If you are a visitor and need to park a car, consult Transportation Services.

You can park in the garage just below the EM Facility (costs at least $15).

Located at the intersection of West Wheelock Street and West Street, turn on Thayer Drive:

20220711946drivesmMain Campus Visitor Parking
ECSC Parking Garage
The GPS address for the ECSC parking garage is 15 Thayer Drive, Hanover, NH.
The Dartmouth Green is a 10-minute walk from the parking garage. 
Parking RatesWeekday 6am-5pm: $15
Weekday 5pm-Midnight: $5
Weekday Midnight-5am: $5
Weekend Daily: $5
Daily Max: $25
Grace Period: 10 minutes
Payment Methods: Credit Card, ParkMobile App
G Lot
The GPS address for the G-Lot is 1 Dewey Field Road, Hanover, NH.
Look for the lime green parking stripes and ParkMobile signs, which indicate the visitor parking section.
Visitors pay to park in the G-Lot up to all-day using the ParkMobile app. The rate is $1.50 per hour.
Athletics facility visitors may find all-day paid parking in the Leverone Lot a good alternative. The GPS address is 26 South Park Street, Hanover, NH.
Additional visitor spaces are located on campus, but with shorter time limits.
Payment Method: ParkMobile App

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