Welcoming a Powerful Addition: A New Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope.

Here comes our New Thermo Scientific Talos F200i.

This unique asset in the region Opens New Avenues for Researchers Across Northern New England.
Link here to article published by Dartmouth on August 25.
Contact Max for more information.

Our Helios 5CX Dual-Beam

A very nice scanning electron microscope (SEM) plus a focused ion beam (FIB).

The EM Facility is an institutional resource to meet the electron microscopy needs of faculty, staff and students of the Dartmouth College community and beyond.

Get More Curious About Your Surroundings.

SEM image showing a tick larvae flipped on its back (link to article in Valley News). Beware!
Watch how we did it and more to learn in an instructional video on youtube (in French / German) at https://youtu.be/txcCzSHAdGo

A microscopic view of a dandelion seed.

Talos F200i



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