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The Faculty Employee Assistance Program can be used to address:

Work related issues, marital or family problems, substance abuse issues, stress, legal and financial concerns, as well as a multitude of other concerns. No problem is too big nor too small for F/EAP. Sometimes it is helpful to just have an objective person with whom to talk things over. At times, though, the nature of the problem might require more extensive counseling services and or expertise, than can be provided by F/EAP. In such cases, with the client's permission, the counselor will help to find appropriate resource or support.

The Working Bridges Program (Coming December 01, 2016)

Too often, barriers such as childcare, reliable transportation and acute need for emergency financial assistance get in the way of continuous employment and derail good employees. Working Bridges is an employer collaborative, convened by United Way, dedicated to improving workplace productivity, retention, advancement, and financial stability for employees.

The focus of Working Bridges is finding solutions to preserve job retention and decrease absenteeism. Through shared resources, employers can minimize employment barriers for low-to-moderate wage workers and maximize the supports employees need to be successful and improve their lives. Working Bridges will be collaborating with the FEAP.

What will the Working Bridges Program Provide ?

Granite United Way's Working Bridges Resource Coordinator (RC) will work on-site for no less than three hours per week and provide services such as:
• One-on-one meetings with employees to assist them in accessing resources
• Posting of "Resource of the Month" and/or regular distribution of other resource information as needed/available
• Presentations at staff meetings and written contributions to employee newsletters or other company communications
• Program coordination of on-site programs-financial literacy classes, free tax services and other agreed upon programs as available

To learn more about the Working Bridges program, contact Prudence Pease, the Working Bridges Coordinator, at or 603.298.8499 ext. 102 or our office at FEAP@Dartmouth.Edu /646-1165.













Last Updated: 11/28/16