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Relationships, Marriage and or Divorce

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Improving Couples' Communications

Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Relationships

After an Affair

Make Your Relationship More Thrilling

Marriage Topics

Divorce Topics


  • Dance of Anger
    Women can learn too identify the true sources of anger and to use anger as a powerful vehicle for creating lasting change.
  • Divorce Book
    A one-stop resource to help you cope with all the issues involved in surviving divorce---your feelings, your children, your lawyer, your finances, and your future.
  • Divorcing
    In this unique, one-stop guide, the alternating voices of a lawyer and a psychologist reassuringly and clearly answer all the difficult questions you’re facing---emotional, legal, and financial---to help you keep the break-up of your marriage from taking its toll.
  • Getting Divorced Without Ruining Your Life
    One out of every two marriages ends in divorce--usually with bitter feelings on both sides.  Having helped hundreds of couples negotiate their own divorces, Sam Margulies shows how divorce--the final joint endeavor in marriage--can be effected amicably.
  • Healthy Divorce
    What about the kids?  How can I be sure getting a divorce is the right thing to do?  Should we stay together until the divorce is final?  The authors’ original step-by-step process helps families, therapists, and counselors craft a responsible, deliberate divorce process that targets the emotional well-being of both parents and children.
  • Heartwounds:   The Impact of Unresolved Trauma and Grief on Relationships
    Find a way out of the pain toward a place where you can heal and form confident, mature relationships.  Heartwounds is an experiential guide for exploring this minefield of painful memories and emerging beyond them with new energy for resolution and growth.
  • Letters From Women Who Love Too Much:  A Closer Look at Relationship Addiction and Recovery
    In Women Who Love Too Much, Robin Norwood defined the problem of relationship addiction--women who choose the wrong man and stay with him, no matter how much it hurts.
  • Loving Relationships:  The Secrets of a Great Relationship
    How to attract your ideal mate.  How to create the relationship the way you want.  How to clear blocks that keep you from having a perfect relationship.  How to prevent arguments and have good communications.  How to use your relationship for enlightenment.  How to prevent and handle jealousy.  And more.
  • Mars And Venus In Touch
    Dr. Gray teaches us how to open the doors to clear, concise communication: Improve our understanding of our partners and their needs, and how to be understood by them; and how significant communication is to sustaining passion as well as emotion and understanding.
  • On Caring
    Learn to care for another person, in the most significant sense, by helping them grow and actualize themselves.
  • Small Miracles of Love & Friendship:  Remarkable Coincidences of Warmth and Devotion
    A remarkable collection of over 50 inspirational, heartwarming stories of wondrous coincidences.  Each demonstrates the power and reach of love and friendship.  From the unexpected reunion of separated lovers to an instant, magical connection between strangers, these brand-new Small Miracles stories will touch your heart forever.
  • Surviving Separation and Divorce:  A Woman's Guide to Making It Through the First Year
    How to rebuild your life in incremental steps, summon internal strength and make a better life.  Highlighting legal, emotional, social, and spiritual journeys all women face.  From resolving emotionally charged issues of reconciliation, to practical lessons in finance, personal safety, home maintenance,& career concerns, you'll find the answers you need.
  • True Selves:  Twelve-Step Recovery from Codependency
    This guide helps define the boundaries between self & others, and promotes self-love & self-care that are crucial to recovering from codependency. True Selves is for all adults who have been lost in their relationships or who have never learned to be true to themselves. 
  • Why Men Are the Way They Are:  The Male/Female Dynamic
    This book focuses on the dynamic between women and men that can be worked with on an everyday level.

Last Updated: 10/2/12