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Composite and Supporting Letters Timeline

Letters are written on your behalf, so remain cognizant that it is a privilege that folks are writing to support you in this process-- act accordingly, i.e. with clear communication; gratitude; and respect. The Health Professions Program is here to assist you in the process at every step. There are several parts that you are responsible for, in order for us to assist you. Please read through this entire page so you will be prepared for the steps ahead.

Don't know what a Composite Letter is? Read through the Composite Letter page to learn more.

Your Tasks and Ideal Timeline for a Completed Composite Letter


Tasks you MUST DO through the HPP Office:

  • You MUST submit a Composite Letter Timeline Agreement form (contains LIST OF OPTIMAL DEADLINES) to the HPP office. You can email or hand in. Do this ASAP, but no later than end of winter term. Please keep a copy for yourself!
  • You are responsible for understanding the timeline below, and having clear communication and agreements with letter writers about the timeline/deadlines you establish, taking their schedules into account.
  • If possible, ask your composite writer first. It is up to YOU to find out your composite writer's timing. (Are they traveling? Can they only write before/after a given date?) Your composite writer should have 3-6 weeks with the supporting material before their letter is due. Their timeline needs to be taken into account first, then set up the timeline accordingly.
  • You MUST submit a Composite Letter Worksheet Form to HPP. This tells us who you are choosing as your supporting writers and your composite writer. What you write in this document is not set in stone; changes can be made at later points in time.
  • Open an Interfolio account by the time you have asked your writers. Instructions can be found on the Interfolio page. Please follow these instructions in order to be affiliated with Dartmouth. There is also a discount available to you and will be given to you via email from HPP (must sign up for the MedAPP listserv).
  • When all your supporting letters and documents are in, you MUST submit The Release to Composite Writer Request form to HPP. By signing this form, you give HPP permission to send all supporting letters and documents to your Composite Writer.
  • Be mindful of how long this process takes! HPP team work with writers for 2-3 weeks after the composite letter has been sent into our office. Like the other parts of your application, we want your letters to reflect your success and that happens with HPP working with your Composite Writer to have a great letter written on your behalf.

Ideally, a composite letter would be completed before or by August 1st. We ask that the absolute deadline be August 15th, but earlier is better for you, especially if you were able to submit your part of the application early.

Fall/Winter Evaluation timeline= 1) Reflect, choose, and approach your letter writers 2)Submit the Composite Letter Timeline Agreement and Composite Letter Worksheet form to Annette Hamilton in the HPP Office 3)Open an Interfolio Account. End Winter Term/Early Spring Term Evaluation Timeline= 1)Create space for supporting writers in Interfolio (NOT composite writer) 2)Send supporting writers thank you note, reminder of deadline, interfolio letter request form, resume, and autobiographical sketch. 3) Check-In with Composite Writer to remind upon agreed deadlineMid-Spring Evaluation Letter=Upload resume, autobiographical sketch, transcript, and citation report (if you have one) to Interfolio for your composite writer. Annette will convey these materials to your Composite Writer aling with supporting letter. Schools will not see these documents. may5 deadline: Supporting letters are submitted. Once all supporting letters are in, you submit the Composite Release Request to Annette. She has confidential access to Interfolio and will be the only one to "release" your documents and supporting letters to your composite writer. **DO NOT send your information directly to your Composite Writer**June 1st Evaluation Letter= After 2-3 weeks, Annette has processed supporting letters and has conveyed material to Composite Writer. Your writer will have 3-6 weeks from this date to write the composite letter.July20th Evaluation Letter= Composite Writer submits letter to Annette in the HPP Office. July20th-august15th Evaluation Letter=Annnette works with the Composite Writer to create final document that combines the composite letter and supporting letters. She will upload it onto Interfolio. This can take 2-3 weeks. When complete, she will contact you with clear intructions on how YOU will create and send your final packet from Interfolio to AMCAS. Latest Deadline August 15th Evaluation Letter= You submit Composite Letter packet to AMCAS. Please click here for more information on tasks to do by Aug 15th.

Last Updated: 8/1/18