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Important Composite Letter Documents

Below are the important documents that you MUST complete and submit to the HPP Office (Annette Hamilton or Sarah Berger).

Please review the LETTER TIMELINE and YOUR TASKS page to learn more about the many other tasks involved in the Composite Letter Process.

  1. Overview of the Composite Letter Process through HPP
  2. Composite Letter Timeline Agreement form: (contains LIST OF OPTIMAL DEADLINES) Submit this formto Annette Hamilton (or Sarah) in the HPP office. You can email or hand in. Do this ASAP, but no later than end of winter term. Please keep a copy for yourself!
  3. Composite Letter Worksheet Form: Submit this form to Annette (or Sarah). This tells us who you are choosing as your supporting writers and your composite writer. What you write in this document is not set in stone; changes can be made at later points in time.
  4. The Release to Composite Writer Request form: When all your supporting letters and documents are in, you MUST submit this form to Annette. By signing this form, you give Annette and HPP permission to send all supporting letters and documents to your Composite Writer.

Last Updated: 2/1/18