Primary Application


The AMCAS application is available to start filling out in early May.

The earliest submission date for the application is early June. However, we recommend you submit your application by June 30th or early July as a complete, accurate, and exemplary application.

If you are taking courses the spring of the application, you will wait until a final transcript is ready before submitting the application so you can include that information from your official transcript. Having an application ready to submit early in the cycle can be crucial to increasing the odds of a successful application. It is also important that it be a well-written application.

Filling Out AMCAS as a Dartmouth Student

Key Steps

  • Please say YES to releasing information to your Pre-Health Advisor! We can't read your application, but it gives us data every year to help understand how the cycles unfold and use the data to advise you, and future students/alumni. Your information is kept confidential in our office.
  • Have an official transcript in hand when filling out the courses portion of your application. Input courses in exactly as they are described on transcript. If you are taking Dartmouth courses this term, you must wait for your spring transcript before you submit your application.
  • All Dartmouth courses are one (1) credit. Please make sure to put in credits exactly as they are listed at Dartmouth or any other school at which you took courses. AMCAS will translate those for you. Please see FAQs for more details.
  • Freshmen Seminar and Writing 5 can both be designated as ENGLISH courses.
  • You will designate your Composite Letter as a "committee letter."
  • Your primary contact for your letter is Sarah Berger (not your composite writer). Please see FAQs as to how to fill out that contact info.
  • DO NOT use the AMCAS letter request form. Just ignore it.
  • You will use the Transcript Request Form and send it to the registrar of any institution at which you took courses (Exception: you won't need a transcript from schools at which you did a Dartmouth FSP/LSA program, those will show on the Dartmouth transcript). See FAQs for details!

Dartmouth-AMCAS Application FAQs

These have been the most frequently asked questions over the last few application years. If you can't find the answer to your question, email Annette Hamilton with your question or, if you are on campus, you can visit Sarah Berger's walk-in hours (or by appt).

Application costs

For planning purposes keep in mind the following costs that will accrue in the application process

  • 2018 MCAT= $315
  • AMCAS primary application = $160 Processing Fee, includes one school. $37 for each school thereafter. On average people apply to approx. 20 schools. So AMCAS approximate total= ~$880
  • Secondary application fees average about $100 per school (i.e. $2000 if you apply to 20 schools)
  • Interviews: Varies in cost, but need to factor in at least one appropriate outfit, plus airfare, plus hotel for possibly several interviews if lucky! **Note, it is often possible to stay with current students at the med school at which you are interviewing.

Fee Assistance Program

Learn about the AMCAS (and MCAT) Fee Assistance Program (FAP).

**Note that you must qualify for Fee Assistance before paying for and submitting an AMCAS app if you wish to obtain assistance. It is not retroactive. If you qualify for the MCAT FAP in the same cycle in which you are applying, you will also quality for the AMCAS FAP program. It can take approximately SIX weeks to have the FAP approved, so plan accordingly. It will require getting paper work and records from yourself and family. If you did not apply before you took the MCAT but think you might qualify, apply before you submit your AMCAS app (again give it approx. 6 weeks at least). If you do qualify—medical schools will often provide fee assistance for their secondary app as well.