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Application Podcasts

Below are the recorded podcasts from various Application Workshops:

Overview: Applying to Medical School

How successful are Dartmouth students? What makes someone a strong applicant? What are the FOUR parts of a complete application? What is the actual application process TIMELINE? What are required TASKS?

HPP shares important information on the multiple steps involved in the application including letters of evaluation, MCAT, AMCAS, finances, and some facts on acceptance and matriculation of Dartmouth students.

Dartmouth's HPP Composite Letter of Evaluation Process

This podcast focuses on the critical steps YOU must take during the letter process and the importance of working with HPP to have a fully completed letter package for AMCAS. More information can be found under Evaluation Letters.

Application Writing Part 1: Getting Started

The writing you do in your PRIMARY APPLICATION ESSAY, ACTIVITIES SECTION, and the writing in your SECONDARY APPLICATION ESSAYS, is essential to the application process. What will be asked of you? What do Medical (or Dental/Vet etc.) schools want to know? What makes for excellent writing here?

Application Writing Part 2: Getting Down to It!

HPP shares the DOs and DON'Ts of writing and how to begin brainstorming ideas that are meaningful to you. Note*: Sample essays were read aloud and the podcast audio did not record. Attached is the powerpoint covering important information for writing your personal statement. If you wish to see a sample essay, please make an appointment to meet, call or Skype HPP staff.

Filling Out the AMCAS Application

This workshop explores how to fill out a few portions of the application in Dartmouth-SPECIFIC ways. It is ESSENTIAL that you also have the Dartmouth FAQs with you in addition to watching this podcast.

Creating Your School List

This short podcast highlights which aspects to consider when generating your medical school list.

Preparing for the Medical School Interview

HPP shares important tips to preparing for the medical school interview.

Last Updated: 5/10/18